Sideshow Bob came together in February 2011. It was a “side project” for 4 of the guys in other bands. Once they all came together it was decided that it clicked and we were going to make a go of it.

  We played our 1st official gig in October of 2011 in Cedar Falls at Octoberfest. It was a short 3 song set in between 2 other bands but it went well. 

  Since then we have played all over the Cedar Valley at The Screaming Eagle, Spicoli’s, The Hub(RIP) Baconfest, The Sturgis Falls Festival, Fridayloo, Live To Nine, Rockford Fun Days, The Wild Hare, The Brew Pup and others.



Craig Larsen- Lead Vocals/ Guitar 

Bill Rhomberg- Drums/ Booking

Enrique Ochoa- Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Dave Stamp- Keys/ Guitar/ Vocals

Jeff Juhl- Bass/ Vocals